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NewsBooker T Doesn't Believe Removing Tammy Sytch From Hall Of Fame Will...

Booker T Doesn’t Believe Removing Tammy Sytch From Hall Of Fame Will Help Or Hurt Her



Booker T has chimed in on the Tammy ‘Sunny” Sytch situation on his “Hall of Fame” podcast, as you can see from his comments below:

Booker T on the dangers that come with fame: “When you become a so-called superstar, man, they’re going to be coming at you from left and right. They’re going to be offering it to you, it’s going to be an all-out party. If you do not know how to manage that and literally know how to stay focused, I am talking about keeping blinders on, you’re going to fall into those traps. There’s going to be a time where the drugs come out, there’s going to be a time where the person wants to party and they want to party all night. They want to drink all night, they want to do everything. But trust me, everybody that I have seen in this business, every one of them that burned the candle at both ends, they end up in a bad place. That’s what Tammy is going through now.”

His thoughts on Tammy Sytch’s situation: “Being in jail for a substantial amount of time, I don’t wish that on nobody, I just don’t. If you murdered somebody and you deserve it, and you go there, okay, so be it. Do I wish that on you? No. That’s what I am talking about. I don’t say we shy away from the punishment or anything like that for her. Whatever she’s gonna get, she’s gonna get. I just feel sorry for the legacy, what she did for the business; she did a lot. Then that fall from grace, it’s gotta be hard.”

On Bill DeMott’s recent comments regarding Tammy Sytch: “I can’t even state how hard it’s got to be for Bill DeMott, okay? I am sure that’s something he wakes up with every day for the rest of his life. That’s something he’s going to have to wake up with. I can’t even go there, and him having his feelings and views on what should happen, I get it, I understand it. I’m not going to sit here, as I say, and downplay his feelings or anything like that.”

On if Tammy Sytch should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame: “As far as Tammy being removed from the Hall Of Fame, that’s going to be one for debate. For me, I am not looking for reasons to remove somebody from the WWE Hall Of Fame. That’s just me, personally. I don’t think removing her from the WWE Hall Of Fame is going to hurt or help her in any way. Me personally, I don’t even know what would be the meaning of it, honestly. What’s going on in her life right now, people can say what they want to say about it but I do know alcoholism is something very, very difficult to kick.”

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