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Booker T Explains why he Wants to See WWE Sign Tessa Blanchard


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed Tessa Blanchard leaving Impact Wrestling and possibly going to AEW or WWE during a recent edition for his Hall of Fame podcast.

Here is what he had to say: 

Booker T on Blanchard being a superstar: “Well, first of all, I was never critical of Tessa Blanchard. I was critical of Impact’s decision to do something like that because it backed themselves into a corner. I just don’t think it was smart business to make Tessa Blanchard live up to something like that. It just wasn’t right. On no frame, no form, was it right for Tessa Blanchard or the company. I just didn’t think it worked out for her, but I think very highly of Tessa Blanchard and what she’s built as a performer. I mean, Tessa Blanchard put herself on the map as being Impact’s number one superstar. The best in the business, she’s the best in our company. That’s what they thought about her, so for her to actually do that, that says she’s doing a hell of a job going out there performing and promoting herself very well.”

Booker T on Tessa’s name being marketable: “Now, the name, ‘Tessa Blanchard,’ man, that’s money. We can do something with this anywhere in the world. Tessa Blanchard, she’s a catch in anybody’s company if they can get her right now. If WWE picked Tessa Blanchard up along with Charlotte Flair? I wish Hulk Hogan’s daughter had stayed and her name would be right there — that’s what I want to see. I wanted to see the second generation with all women, and Tessa Blanchard is one of them. To be able to slide right in there, she’s gonna be a star immediately. We’re gonna get a chance to see how good Tessa Blanchard really is. That’s something that I’ve always wondered myself when I was working in other companies especially before I got into WWE. Can I show these guys that I am the real deal? In my head, I thought I could do that. I proved it in the long run. Tessa Blanchard is gonna have the chance to do the same thing.”

On Impact losing Blanchard: “I don’t know what happened, but I think it’s gonna be a loss for Impact more than it’s gonna be a loss for Blanchard because Tessa, I really think she can work anywhere in the world with any of the women out there in the business today. And she’s made herself, first and foremost, she’s never gone to WWE. She hasn’t gotten the rub from people in WWE for people to know Tessa Blanchard’s name around the world. She done that on her own, and for her to do that, I give her big props. Hopefully, WWE can snatch her up, and we can see some great matches with her and Charlotte Flair.”

On the perception of Tessa having a bad attitude: “Even though I didn’t have a bad attitude, it was just a misunderstanding with a guy who thought he had more authority than what he did that time. Me personally standing up for what I believed in and knowing it wasn’t right. As a green kid, knowing something like that wasn’t right working for a promoter that didn’t. It was best for me to move on from that situation, but it did get to Dallas. The word was I had a bad attitude. Maybe Tessa Blanchard doesn’t have a bad attitude. Maybe it’s the people that’s she’s been working around more importantly than anything.”

On Tessa possibly going to AEW: “I think in AEW she’ll be a huge fish in a small pond. I think for Tessa Blanchard to really go out there and put a stamp on the business, she’s gonna have to go to WWE. She’s gonna have to go there and perform at the highest level under the brightest lights to become as great as I think she wanna be.”

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