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Booker T Gives His Message To The People In The AEW Locker Room



During the latest edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T commented on Chris Jericho’s comments during the AEW All Out 2022 media scrum, his message to the people in the AEW locker room, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Jericho’s comments during the media scrum: “*Sarcastically* I mean look. Chris Jericho doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Who’s gonna listen to him? He’s the oldest out there! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! He’s wrong! I’m just telling you, man, no. Don’t listen to that dude. He knows nothing. The last you need to be trying to listen to is Chris Jericho. I know he’s got a nice do. His quaff is looking real nice. He’s looking good. Do not listen — I’m just playing. I agree. I agree 1000% with Chris Jericho. He’s the smartest guy in the room. You can see how frustrated he is — he was with it. He held it in very, very well. But you can see how frustrated he is with those guys around there because you don’t realize how good it was until it’s gone. That’s what Chris is saying.”

On his message to the people in the AEW locker room: “You all guys better wise up because you got such a good thing going here, and one thing about the boys, they screw every damn thing up, bro. No matter what it is, they will screw it up. My first trip to Japan, nice little spot next door, you know, to the Tokyo Inn; a little restaurant there. We would go there get nice breakfast, eggs, bacon, nice big thick Texas toast, nice cup of coffee, man it was perfect. It was perfect! You know, woke up one day, I went over there, they said, ‘No more Americans! No more! No more!’ I’m like, ‘What the hell happened?! You know what I mean? One of the Americans screwed it up. The the Tokyo Inn, I’m not gonna even say his name, but he broke into — they had these beer machines and they would have them in the hallway at the hotel, a beer machine where you could go to just like a Coke machine. One of the guys broke into the beer machine, stole every beer out of the beer machine, right? Kicked us out of the hotel. At the next hotel we was in was such a small hotel, you could stick both hands out and touch the wall. I mean that’s how bad it was. We was in a pretty — but what my point is the boys would screw it up in a heartbeat they would mess it up on purpose it would seem like. And that is what Chris Jericho is talking about.”

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