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Booker T Gives Thanks to Vince Russo For WCW Title Run, Russo Responds


During the latest edition of his Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T commented on Vince Russo putting the WCW World Championship on him, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how he may have never been a World Champion if it wasn’t for Vince Russo: “Like I said last night on WWE Backstage, if it wasn’t for Vince Russo, perhaps I would have never been the World Champion at all, ever. Because, you gotta be in the right place at the right time, not only that, the cosmos gotta be working for you, and for me, I had someone like Vince Russo to pull the trigger because if it wasn’t for Vince Russo pulling the trigger when he did, the company was in its downfall, if someone else held the title that night, say for instance Hogan, went on for the next six months, it probably would have dropped to someone else, and then the company would have gotten bought out a year later and then I would have went to WWE but who knows if I would have become champion in WWE. The rocket got put on me that night and everything had to be right.”

On how the decision made him a top guy: “It put me in a position where you say, man, crashing that glass ceiling. Once you crash the glass ceiling, boom, you there. Once you’re in the mafia, and you become a made man, you made. So for me, that like I say, was my legitimizer as far as saying, man, this guy, he’s a top guy, he’s a top guy now. He has to be looked at as a top guy.”

On how Russo stepped up and made a bold decision: “For a guy like that to step up and be bold for someone else, that took a lot, it really did. Especially back at that time, in WCW, me being the second black guy to wear the WCW Championship. Was I worthy of wearing the title? Of course. Could I go out and perform at the highest level with the best guys in the company? Of course I could. But normally, a lot of times, the nice guy don’t finish first. That’s just not the way it works sometimes. The guy that works the hardest sometimes don’t get the most reward. The guy that pulled the trigger was Vince Russo, and I give that guy a whole lot of credit for doing that because it was the moment that changed my life, it really, really did, and I appreciate it. And I don’t take it for granted, I really don’t take it for granted. That’s why I give props where props are due.”

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