Booker T Has Mixed Feelings On WWE’s New Stable Featuring Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Others


In an interview with The Huffington
, Booker T gave his thoughts on Xavier Woods’ new stable
with Big E and Kofi Kingston. Here are highlights:

On WWE’s new faction with Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier
“You know, I got mixed feelings about it. They’re forming this
faction but I’m not sure exactly where it’s going, especially with Kofi Kingston
being part of it. Kofi has always been the ultimate babyface, the ultimate good
guy and now I’m going to see Kofi with a dark hat on. I don’t want to see that
right there out of Kofi Kingston. So as far as exactly where it’s going to go, I
don’t know. We’re going to find out in the coming months, we’re going to see if
a couple more guys join that faction as well. So we’ll see in the future.”

On what it means for ROW to have an iPPV:
“Well, the iPPV shows that the company is moving onwards and upwards. What makes
us different from most independent wrestling promotions is what we put into our
wrestling. The storyline and psychology based approach – we go out and entertain
the fans first and foremost. I always say that people remember not just what
they saw in a show but how they felt, so we try to bring a feeling to wrestling
that’s a little bit different. That’s my approach and that was my training, I
try to train my students to act and really put themselves in the moment, not
just go out and play a wrestler. Even though this is entertainment, I want young
people to know that it’s something that’s attainable for them. For many years,
people will watch wrestling and see superstars as unattainable figures and think
‘man there’s no way that I could ever be a professional wrestler’ but I try to
make it so everyone that’s watching – the young guys and girls , – will say
‘man, I can do that.’ That’s what Reality of Wrestling is about.”

On criticism of part-timers like Brock Lesnar in
“I look at guys like Brock Lesnar, guys like the Rock, like RVD
and Chris Jericho who make their return briefly and then go off again, I look at
those guys and think they are still willing to go out and help the product first
and foremost. I tell the young guys on the roster that when they start selling
tickets, selling out Pay-Per-Views and bringing up merchandise revenue, then
they can start talking. Until then they should just shut up and enjoy the ride.
That’s the way I look at guys like Brock Lesnar coming back. He’s a major big
time superstar. A guy who’s done it in the WWE, who’s gone to MMA and done it
and now he’s back again trying to complete the trifecta. So I give guys like
Brock Lesnar big, big props for still wanting to be around and do this and bring
revenue into the business. When the young guys start selling tickets and
creating a buzz for PPVs then we won’t have to bring back guys like the Rock.
Until then, just keep quiet and enjoy the ride.”

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