Booker T Interviews Hulk Hogan, Hogan Comments on past Racist Remarks


While speaking to Booker T on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Hulk Hogan opened up about remarks he made using racist language in the past.

Hogan stated he was “racist to a point”, while talking about a man that his daughter was dating at the time. He admits he did say it however he claims he doesn’t even remember saying it.

Hulk commented he is worried people will continue to bring it up. He went on to say those are the kind of people to really be worried about.

Below is a quote made during the podcast:

Well I mean that’s what a lot of people don’t understand. People can say a word or make a mistake and that doesn’t mean that’s who they are. Ya know? The people that keep bringing it up and keep pushing it forward…those are the people I worry about. For me…it was a brilliant delayed reaction. I mean..that’s kind of like…why I asked you. I had said…used the word…and it was now going on almost 13 years ago. 

It was said in 2006, and I was made aware of it about five years ago. To tell you the truth I don’t remember that conversation, but that definitely was me, and I definitely said it, and I mean…total idiot. Totally out of control bad situation. There’s a million excuses for it, but it was me I said it. I’ve tried to be accountable for it.”

Hulk Hogan was blackballed from WWE for years after the recording came out without his consent. Hogan has recently been welcomed back by WWE even opening up Wrestlemania 35 as of late.

You can listen to the entire podcast below:

Below is a link to Apple Podcasts, it also can be found wherever you go for your podcasting needs by simply searching “Booker T The Hall Of Fame Podcast”.

The Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore – April 22, 2019: Hulk Hogan Interview

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