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Booker T Loses Lawsuit Against Call of Duty Game Developer


According to Sportico, Booker T has reportedly lost his lawsuit filed against video game publisher Activision. In this lawsuit, Booker T claimed “unlicensed use and similarities between his G.I. Bro character and the Call of Duty character, Prophet.

As we are not an outlet filled with legal experts, we here at eWrestling News thank Sportico for the following quotes. In the Sportico article, it is mentioned that:

“During the litigation, Activision argued that Huffman [Booker T] had contracted away to WWE all rights to the promotional material as well as rights to images and other depictions of G.I. Bro.”

Booker didn’t seem to agree with these sentiments, leading him to:

“[insist] that he only contracted away intellectual property rights when they are used in connection with the business of pro wrestling.”

Furthermore, he insinuated that the comic book character G.I. Bro does not fall within that limitation.

A major portion of this lawsuit also appeared to fall on the graphic used to represent Prophet, with Booker claiming that the similarities between his G.I. Bro character and the Call of Duty character were way too similar. Activision maintained a stance claiming that:

“Huffman had exaggerated similarities between G.I. Bro in the poster and an image of Prophet owned by Activision… both merely involved black military men with dreadlocks standing in a ‘generic military pose’ while holding weapons.”

In February 2021, we here at eWrestling News reported that Booker T’s lawsuit against the game developer would head to trial. Sadly for the former WCW Champion, things did not seem to pan out in his favor.

booker t

Now, we turn our eyes to the legal experts in our comment section! What do you think? Is Prophet guilty of gimmick infringement, or was this just a case of two similar-looking characters? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more lawsuit-related content.

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