Booker T Makes Mistake On RAW + Another Live Report


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— Booker T made a mistake last night during RAW when he said he was the only one in the ring that had fought both The Rock and John Cena. Mick Foley was involved in a title match with The Rock on numerous occasions, but also in a WWE title match with John Cena, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley and Booker T at Vengeance: Night of Champions on June 24, 2007.

Alexander Fritz sent this one in:

After Raw went off the air last night, John Cena laid in the ring selling the Rock Bottom that he took. The crew came out to change the mat and remove all the Q&A chairs and podiums.

The Shield’s music hit and they made their entrance through the crowd and surrounded the ring and started to attack Cena, when the music hit for Sheamus and then Ryback to even the odds. Then started the six-man tag match.

1. John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus defeated The Shield by DQ. Seth Rollins used a chair after about eight minutes or so for the DQ. Ryback and John Cena hit their finishers on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to send the crowd home happy.

WWE Raw Notes

Undertaker got one of the bigger pops of the night when his gong hit. I think most people were expecting him to make his full entrance and popped big when they realized he was in the ring.

CM Punk had a decent pop when he first came out but then transitioned into boos once his promo started.

The crowd was definitely dead for The Miz vs Wade Barrett. A few people tried to get everyone behind Miz but nobody really cared about either of them in Philly.

Triple H got a huge pop as well. I was definitely expecting it to be a longer promo, but most of the crowd was still into it.

During the break, Barrett was on mic briefly trying to get heat, which he did to some extent, but it died pretty quickly.

Bret Hart definitely got one the biggest pops of the night, along with the other Hall of Famers, but Rock blew them out of the water with his pop. That’s how it came across where I was sitting at least.

Cena got a good amount of cheers but it transitioned more into boos than cheers from what I could hear. They were not happy when he mentioned Donovan McNabb.

Overall a good night at Raw. The crowd was happy to cheer big when they had a reason to.

Moment of the night: When John Cena was making his entrance, I like many others, was booing. While I was doing so, the six year-old next to me turned to me and looked at me in disgust and yelled, “Cena is awesome!”

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