Booker T Comments On AEW Rampage Ratings

Booker T On AEW Rampage Ratings: “I Can’t Put All The Weight On Adam Page”


Booker T is at it again, and this time he’s targeting the recent viewership ratings for AEW Rampage.

During the most recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T gave his opinion on why the ratings for AEW Rampage have been on the decline as of late, specifically targeting “Hangman” Adam Page. The latest episode of AEW Rampage drew under 500,000 viewers, and that was with the AEW World Championship Match between “Hangman” Page and Adam Cole.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Booker T on the state of AEW Rampage viewership and whether it’s a reflection of Hangman Page’s title run: “I can’t put all the weight on him Adam Page. I don’t think you can put all the weight on him or anything like that just because it’s a show. They do a whole lot. They put a whole lot on that show. They stack that show. So I just can’t look at it being the guys in the main event or as we used to say, ‘Thanks for the house, brother.’ I think it’s a little bit different for those guys. There again, going on a Friday night – basketball might have been going on. Of course, Friday Night SmackDown was going on. A lot of stuff is going on Friday night to compete with. But there again, it does reflect on AEW not drawing 500,000 viewers to watch the show on a Friday night. That says a whole lot.”

On the potential network reaction to the company’s ratings: “It’s hard for me to speak to it as far as numbers go because I really don’t know how much they’re spending for the shows. I don’t know what their advertising dollars are or anything like that. I don’t think the network is jumping for joy or having parties about having less than 500,00 people watching the show. I think there has to be some kind of concern about that. But then again, they’re a young company. The question is, do they think that they would have been a lot further in numbers three years in now or not? If I was to talk to someone in that company, I think that they would have thought that they would have been a lot further along as far as numbers go with that company at this point in time, so I don’t know. Just think about this for a second. That same television station back in the 90s when WCW was on it and people watched it – sure, the numbers were much, much higher than what they are right now. So you gotta wonder what the station is wondering right now more than anything.”

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