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NewsBooker T On Nic Nemeth Joining TNA, Trinity Potentially Returning To WWE

Booker T On Nic Nemeth Joining TNA, Trinity Potentially Returning To WWE



On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed Nic Nemeth’s signing with TNA Wrestling, reports of Trinity returning to WWE, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Nic Nemeth joining TNA: “Dolph Ziggler, this guy can work. He’s preserved himself very, very well. He still looks good, he still can go out there and work with the best of them. I always felt like there was still so much more left in Dolph Ziggler. And Dolph Ziggler wasn’t one of those guys who was crying, because he wasn’t working on Raw this week, or he wasn’t working on SmackDown this week or anything like that. I don’t think Ziggler really cared. He was thinking about getting paid, as well as — you know, when Dolph Ziggler was having his run, Dolph Ziggler always had a championship round his way. He always was the guy that was gonna go out there and steal [the show]. He was just the Shawn Michaels of his era. So, I think his run man, he did everything he possibly could do. But more importantly, he preserved himself for when the WWE run was over with — almost 20 years in the WWE. Almost 20 years in that one company, and now he’s still fresh and can go work and make more cheddar.

“And being in TNA, you can still go to Japan, do a lot of shows, whatnot. He’s a free agent, you know what I’m saying… But I’m glad to see Dolph Ziggler land in TNA, and I’m sure he could do some good work there. Like you say, he’s gonna be highlighted there. I’m sure the money is probably not the best money in the world, but he probably going to have have many more opportunities to make so much more money outside of TNA as well. I think it’s gonna be okay for him. I think he’s gonna be more than comfortable. And I’m sure he’s probably stashed away a nice little nest egg from WWE over his last 20 years.”

On Naomi aka Trinity reportedly returning to WWE: “I’d love to see Trinity back in WWE. I hated to see the way she left, of course. A lot of people — you know, I said what I said when she left. And I just didn’t feel like she should have left. I mean, I thought she was in a great position. And one thing about this business, it’s fluid, and you have to be able to understand that it’s fluid. And if she is coming back to WWE, I’m more than excited about it. Because I think she fit in with everybody. And also, being able to go out there and prove herself at the same time, not just sitting at the house waiting on a phone call. Staying in shape, you know what I mean? You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready. And I think she’s ready for this moment, and I think if she comes back, I think she’ll be a big deal. I think she’ll be a much bigger deal than before she left.”

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