Booker T Opens Up About Eric Bischoff’s Release From WWE


Recently, on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed Eric Bischoff‘s recent release from WWE and how he feels Bruce Prichard will do as his successor.

Booker, having been in WWE for 18 years now, stressed just how demanding a creative job can be within the company and outlined the kind of individual he feels would be best suited for the job.

“I must tell you, man, I must tell you that job, it definitely takes a certain type of individual. It takes a guy that literally sleeps with one eye open and one closed. It takes a guy that literally when he wakes up in the morning before he even makes his cup of coffee, he gets his notepad first and then starts making the coffee. It takes that type of focus. It takes that type of individual drive to push yourself to say, this is what I’m thinking about and this is what I’m thinking about all the time. And the person that was presented the job was Bruce Prichard.
“Bruce Prichard is that type of guy that’s gonna, you know, no matter what, [there] could be a blizzard outside, a tornado brewing [and Bruce will be] writing his notes, thinking about what these guys are gonna be doing on SmackDown, I know that.
“[Bruce is] definitely driven towards this business. This is his life. This is what he does. He was that kid running around in the Sam Houston Coliseum back in the day, the Paul Boesch days.
“He’s a guy also, that spent pretty much his adult life in this business, and most of it in the WWE.So he knows exactly what that job entails. He knows exactly the stress that it brings too. The thing is it can bring a lot of stress if you’re not that type of guy, for Bruce, I think his heart will probably get better.”

Booker also discussed initially having reservations when he heard news about Bischoff being offered the job because Eric had been away from the industry for so long.

“I questioned it. I say, man, this is huge. You know, especially being that far removed from the game, the playing field, you know?
“A guy like Eric Bischoff who was so close to the game back in WCW and then [became] far removed from it for years and then found himself in TNA. That run didn’t end up too well.”

At the end of the day, Eric Bischoff seems to be okay with his release, although he would’ve liked it to last longer as he indicated on his 83 Weeks podcast.

If you use any portion of this transcription, please credit Robert DeFelice of eWrestlingNews.

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