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Booker T Reacts To Kevin Nash’s Comments About The Lack Of Heat In WWE’s Product


During the latest edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T commented on some recent comments made by Kevin Nash where he talked about the lack of heat in the WWE product these days, as well as storytelling in wrestling and wrestlers focusing on their spots.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Kevin Nash’s comments on the lack of heat in the WWE product: “I agree with him. I agree with Kev 100 percent. We never got a chance to talk about the Jordynne Grace comment she made – the comment was about Chris Benoit not being able to work today because he wouldn’t be able to remember a match. I wasn’t going out there trying to think about what spots were coming up, I was going out there trying to make the fans feel something. I was trying to make somebody cry. I was trying to make somebody feel a certain way while watching this art that we’re displaying. To do that, sometimes it gets real up close and personal. Kevin Nash talking about guys not being able to throw a punch, I get it because it’s like guys today, they expect you not to see them slap their leg. When I go to see a really good magician, I don’t want to see how he does the tricks. I don’t want to see how he makes the woman levitate. I don’t want to see how he does his work. I want to be in awe, shocked and amazed when I leave.”

On storytelling in wrestling and wrestlers focusing on their spots: “The stories compel you to dive in. I think a lot of that is missing because now it’s become gymnastics or – let me say this, people trying to remember their spots. Trying to remember how the dance goes from the outset – from the beginning all the way to the damn end. It’s spots. I never talked about when I left the arena and had to drive almost 300 miles what spots I’m gonna get in a match. I had no time to think about that. All I had time to think about was if the crowd was gonna get their money’s worth. Were they gonna come back the next time we are in town? That’s the only thing I was thinking about. When I hear Kevin Nash and a lot of my peers talk about it, I understand 100 percent. Our job was to go out there and make you believe we were in a damn fight. We tried to create drama. I go back to Mick Foley. Did Mick Foley make it real to you? Let’s forget about the Hell in a Cell Match. Throw everything he did in Japan, throw all of that out. Did Mick Foley make you feel like something was going on? Damn right he did. You think Mick Foley was thinking about how many spots he had in his head? No way.”

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