Booker T Says Seth Rollins Has Had It Easy – Rollins Responds


Seth Rollins isn’t pleased with Booker T’s comments that the former Universal Champion has had things easy.

Speaking on this week’s Raw Talk, Booker T addressed the upcoming Hell in a Cell match between Rollins and Cody Rhodes:

“Seth Rollins needs this win more,” Booker responded. “I mean, Cody Rhodes right now is 2-0 heading into the rubber match. And I must say, Cody isn’t one of those guys that had that easier route. He had to work for everything. Seth Rollins is a guy who made it to the top relatively easy, but I must say he had a lot of help.” 

Responding on Twitter, Rollins spoke about his experiences as Tyler Black before coming to WWE over a decade ago.

You can check out Seth’s rebuttal below:

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