Booker T Says Tiffany Stratton’s Stock Went Up With WWE NXT: No Mercy Loss


Tiffany Stratton may have lost at WWE NXT: No Mercy, but the show increased Stratton’s ‘stock’ according to Booker T.

At NXT’s most recent major event, Stratton lost to NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in an Extreme Rules match that headlined the show.


Speaking on a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T argued that the match did plenty of good for Stratton despite her loss to The Man. He said,

“Tiffany brought it. Inside and out, she brought it. She didn’t look like she didn’t belong in that ring with Becky Lynch at all. She was 100 percent a star at the end of the night, as far as I’m concerned.

“She went out there and she let it all hang out. She got bruised, battered, and torn too. She had a big laceration over her, I think, her left eye. And that cut was deep, too. It was really deep, and she didn’t let that deter her at all. It didn’t affect her focus, intent, or anything like that throughout that match. She stayed the course. Everything that she landed, she landed it beautifully. It was five star. It was a five-star match as far as I’m concerned. And Tiffany Stratton’s stock still went up even in a loss. It was a great match.”

When asked if Stratton is now ready for a main roster call-up, Booker T said that she is almost there, but would like to see her stay with NXT for now so she can get 100% ready.

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