Booker T Speaks On AJ Styles Having Potential To Be World Champion, Alexa Bliss, More


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T talked about various WWE Superstars on episode 88 of Heated Conversations. Here are the highlights.

On Alexa Bliss:

“I like Bliss! Do you know what? Bliss is like one of those little TNT firecrackers. Do you know what I mean. You hold it in your hand. Bang! You’ll blow your hand off. But she is awesome. Technically sounds. She goes out there and performs at a high level. She has a lot of, she brings a lot of emotion to the table when she works from a heel perspective, from a worker’s perspective. From a performer’s perspective, she brings it.”

On Nikki Bella:

“I mean, Nikki [has] been there. She [has] done that. Yeah, [she is the biggest star in SmackDown’s women’s division], but the thing is, the Edsel was a good car in its day.”

On AJ Styles:

“The guy [does] not do anything but deliver each and every time that he’s out there in the ring. AJ Styles has proved that he is a player in the WWE and I hope we see AJ Styles in the WWE for quite some time.” Booker T continued, “I thought AJ Styles had the potential to be champion no matter wherever he went. I actually had a chance to perform with AJ down in TNA and I thought he was an awesome performer. I got a chance to see AJ Styles trying to break into the [professional wrestling] business right there at the end of WCW, just trying to do anything to get in and he was an awesome, phenomenal talent even back then, just waiting to get a shot. Everybody always [says] guys with that southern accent don’t do very well in the WWE environment, but you can’t even really tell AJ is from the south. It seems like he [has] figured it out, how to drop the accent a little bit.”

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