Booker T Speaks Out – His New Book, Memories, More


In the most recent edition of Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio on 100.3 FM KFAN in Minneapolis, hosts Big D & Crisco chat with WWE’s Booker T, the new Smackdown GM! Highlights from the interview are as follows:

ON HIS BOOK “FROM PRISON TO PROMISE”: “It wasn’t a struggle to write it but it was to read it back. It takes me down that road again! I hope it touches troubled youth and helps them feel, if Booker T can do it…so can I, thats the reason I wrote the book!”

ON IF IT WAS DIFFICULT TO RELIVE THE MEMORIES: “It was but it totally happend by accident. I took a trip to Newport & stayed on the beach. I stayed there for 3 months by myself & just reflected & all of these memories that I tried to hide & bury came flooding back! It was a real trip & I thought I really need to get all of this down on paper. I have always wanted to write a wrestling book, I ended up writing my life story! I cover where I come from, who I am, what builds my character, how did I end up being funny or so stupid at the same time! Everything I went thru built who I am, it made me way toughter than I ever thought I could be especially walking thru those prison walls. You never understand it until you’re looking it in the face & remember what my mother has always told me, you know right from wrong, and I knew I did wrong so I had to pay for it and go from there.”

DID YOU EVER WORRY HOW YOU WOULD BE VIEWED BY PEOPLE AFTER PUTTING THIS BOOK OUT: “Nah, you only live once & you cant worry about what people are gonna think about you after the fact or anything like that. That was my life, that is who I was and right now…I’m on a mission from God to help as many kids as I can before I leave this place we call earth. I have very little time to think about what someone thinks about me after writing this book!”

Booker T goes on to talk about what brought him from the comentator’s table to the GM office and who will take home the World Title @ Night Of Champions! Hear the entire interview here.

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