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Booker T Talks Enzo Amore Retiring From Pro Wrestling, Big Cass’ Future


WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T recently took to his podcast, Heated Conversations, to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Enzo Amore’s release from WWE and retirement: “If you can’t make it in the locker room, you have no chance to make it in the ring. Those guys are gonna make sure that you don’t make it. You’re not gonna have a good match ever if those guys don’t like you. In this business it takes two to tango…

“If Enzo Amore is going to retire from the business, I think it’s very, very unfortunate first and foremost. I’ve said it many, many times.” … “If you put yourself in a situation like this, something is bound to happen.”

Big Cass’ future: “I don’t think Big Cass is a main event guy right now. I wouldn’t want to put him in that position right now – I don’t think he’s ready for that role right now. Not just from a physical standpoint, from a mental standpoint. The fans want to see you work at a certain level, and you’ve got to work your butt off to get to that level.”

“The guys that are making the roster strong, these guys are technically sound. They go out there, they know how to create drama as far as the crowd goes. They know how to bring the crowd into the ring, and that’s what I think Big Cass needs to work on a bit more. What we call, Shakespeare.”

“I’m gonna make it my personal mission to get Big Cass to that place where we need him to be as far as being a main event prospect.”

You can listen to Booker T on Heated Conversations by clicking this link here.

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