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Booker T Talks Why He Thinks AEW Should Pair Lana With Miro


Booker T discussed why he thinks AEW should pair Lana with Miro after she was released by WWE earlier this week. 

“Losing Lana, there again, maybe another pickup for Tony Khan and AEW. Her husband is over there right now already. The thing is, the Bulgarian Brute and Lana is a proven commodity. It works. I thought that duo was the best thing since King Booker and Queen Sharmell. I think if Tony Khan is smart and understands the business, that’s a no-brainer. That’s a no-brainer right there. 

As much as work as Lana was putting in, Lana is not a wrestler. Lana is just like my wife. She put in a lot of time down there in WCW in the Power Plant, then in WWE, she went to OVW and tried to learn the business and ended up tearing her ACL. I remember telling her, ‘As beautiful as you are and as athletic as you are, you’re just not a worker.’ But her in her role, no one could do it better than Sharmell, such as Lana. Lana playing her role is not being in the squared circle wrestling. Lana playing her role, there is nobody better than Lana when she’s doing what she does best. I just think, with Miro, it would be a great addition.”

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