Booker T Visits Kids In Detention Center, Shad Gaspard News


— Booker T recently made trips to visit with kids both in school and detention centers as an extension of his recently-released autobiography. The charity group Triple Threat Mentoring, which works with at-risk kids in Illinois, co-sponsored the visits along with Medallion Media Group, the publishers of From Prison To Promise.

During the trips, Booker T spoke with Urban League students in Chicago about finishing school and not falling into a life of crime. He also visited Paul Robeson High School and Cook County Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago.

— WWE alumni Shad Gaspard and Mark Coponi (Muhammed Hassan) have announced via press release that their upcoming comic book Assassin and Son is set to get an independent feature film. Gaspard and Coponi have signed with Eisenberg-Fisher Productions to produce the feature and are negotiating with Eviltree Studios, who have a first-look deal with Sony Studios, for a moble app and possible game.

The comic is about New York assassin Donovan Braddock, known as The Horseman of Death, whose wife is murdered in front of his infant son. Together, the surviving Braddocks & his young son must now walk a deadly path of vengeance in the gang-ridden New York underground.

The press release also notes that there have been ancillary offers, including video games and an anime series. Composer Misha Siegal (The Last Dragon, The Phantom of the Opera) will score the film with several rap artists being considered for original songs.

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