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Booker T Explains Why Dolph Ziggler Is Right Opponent for Goldberg at SummerSlam


Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T discussed several professional wrestling topics on ESPN 97.5’s “The Hall Of Fame.” Booker discussed Goldberg’s decision to return to the ring against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, there being a lot of pressure on Goldberg, and Ziggler being the right choice for Goldberg’s opponent.

Here are the highlights:

Goldberg returning to the ring: “It’s a good move for Bill Goldberg. The Saudi Arabia thing, not too many people can prepare for something like that,” Booker T said. “The Undertaker is one of the few guys who would find themselves in that situation once upon a time and it wasn’t the greatest match of all-time. It wasn’t that history-making match, that dream match that they were going to see.

“Be that as it may, again, it’s professional wrestling. Things like that happen. Mohammad Ali and Antonio Inoki wasn’t one of the greatest matches of all time but it was history. Goldberg, getting the chance to come back at SummerSlam in Toronto, Canada, hey, big ups for the company saying hey, let’s give Goldberg a chance to wash that taste out of his mouth and not go out there thinking about that one match because at the end of the day it isn’t about that one match and we are going to find that out in a few days.”

Goldberg having a lot of pressure on him: “There’s going to be a lot of pressure on Goldberg going into this match, but I think that every match Goldberg has gone into there has been butterflies. Every match he has gone in he has been tight and intense about it.

“Whether it’s one of those three-minute matches or 30-second squash matches I’m sure he had anxiety of not feeling that comfortable out there but I honestly feel like all of that is going to settle in with a guy like Dolph Ziggler out there.

“I’m sure they’re not going to go out there and have a 15-minute classic match or a 30-minute Broadway or anything like that, but I really honestly believe that anybody can put Bill Goldberg in the best place and best position in the ring, if there’s any guy on the roster that I would call for that job it would be Dolph Ziggler.”

Ziggler being the right choice for Goldberg’s opponent: “If anybody knows what this business is all about it is Dolph Ziggler,” Booker T said. “Dolph Ziggler has been with the company since about 2003-2004 and Ziggler has worked in every spectrum in the game. He was the opening card; he’s been a mid-card guy and he’s worked in the main event.

“He’s worked at the beginning and the main event. He has worked all over the spectrum, and that is the sign of a true worker. Dolph Ziggler is a true general of this game. You’re talking about a guy who could have complained about this or that but Ziggler keeps his nose to the grind and knows just how good he is. At the end of the day, a guy like Dolph Ziggler is still going to have a job just because of him being Dolph Ziggler.

“That’s the only thing they can say is that his resume is going to speak for itself. I always say that if you are that good your name will get there way before you do and Ziggler is one of those guys. Anybody can go out there and guide the ship and help make Goldberg better than he has looked in his entire life that’s your guy in Dolph Ziggler.”

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