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    Welcome to Bound For Glory. I will be posting results along with a summary of the match, which will differ from your usual play by play results. Enjoy the Show.



    Trevor Lee def Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Matt Sydal, Desmond Xavier, and Garza Jr to retain the X Division Championship. There was a lot of high flying moves. At one point, Desmond Xavier hit his hand spring corkscrew over the top rope onto the other 5 opponents on the outside. The end came when Desmond Xavier hit his hand spring Pele kick to Matt Sydal. Then Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer. Trevor Lee then pushed Petey out of the ring and covered Xavier for the three count.


    Ishimori def Tyson Dux in a match that was originally unannounced. The match was rather uneventful. Laurel Van Ness was making her way through the crowd. Ishimori won with the 450 Splash.

    Backstage, Abyss confronted Grado and Grado said he’s gonna see a different side of him and he’s gonna kick Abyss’ ass.

    Alberto El Patron comes to the ring to a mixed reaction. He cuts a promo about the cowards in management screwed him. He then called out JB. He got in his face but then said he’s going to do some amazing things tonight.


    Abyss def Grado to win and end Grado’s run in Impact Wrestling. The match had some nice spots but also some rough points. Abyss sent Grado off the top rope to the outside through a barbwire board. Near the end, Grado was about to hit Abyss when Laurel Van Ness came over the barrier and in the ring. She hit him with a low blow and then hit the Unprettier. She grabbed Janice but then the lights went out and when they came back on, Rosemary was in the ring. She spit mist in Laurel’s eyes and sent her out of the ring. She faced off with Abyss and Abyss grabbed her for a choke slam. She reasoned her way out of it. Abyss grabbed Grado and Rosemary spit mist but Grado ducked and Abyss got blinded. He grabbed Rosemary and choke slammed her onto tacks. Grado countered a choke slam but then went off the ropes and Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam onto another barb wired board for the three count.


    Team Impact def AAA when EC3 hit Pagano and Texano with a double One Percenter and then he tagged in James Storm who hit the Last Call for the three count. Early in the match, it seemed like EC3 wasn’t interested in being involved. He eventually got the hot tag after James Storm took significant punishment. They all did a spot on the outside, including James Storm who did a cannon ball off the top rope onto everyone. Fantasma hit his cradle inverted driver onto Eddie Edwards on the apron taking him out of the match. EC3 then hit a double low blow while the ref’s back was turned which set up the finish.


    O.V.E def LAX to retain the tag team titles. Before the entrances, someone was shown laying on the floor with the Mexican flag draped over them and the person from O.V.E’s video was shown holding a pipe and a hood up. This match was brutal and included several big spots. Santana hit a splash from the top of a scaffold setup through a table onto Dave Crist. Jake Crist hit a superplex on Ortiz onto four chairs, but he took the brunt of the spot. The end came when LAX was setting up a spot onto Jake Crist through a table on the outside but in the background, powder was thrown into Konnan’s face an Sami Callihan pulled Santana off the top rope onto a ladder on the outside. He then hit Ortiz with a piledriver from the apron through the table on the outside. OVE picked up the pin.


    Gail Kim def Sienna and Allie to win the Knockouts Championship in her final match. It was a good triple threat battle. Near the end, Allie hit the code breaker on Sienna and then Gail hit Eat Defeet on Allie but Sienna barely made the save. Allie hit a series of moves to Gail in the corner and Sienna went for the AK 47 but instead just dumped Allie over the ropes to the outside and Allie landed on the steps. Gail, from the top rope, grabbed Sienna’s arm and hit a jumping Eat Defeet from the top rope for the three count.


    Lashley and King Mo def Moose and Stephan Connar. This match was brutal from the start. Moose and Lashley carried much of it in the beginning. They kept teasing Bonnar and King Mo but it always got interrupted. Moose sent King Mo into the cage and Mo was busted open. Moose and Lashley knocked each other out and we finally got the Bonnar and Mo fight. We got treated to some MMA style battling between the two. American Top Team stormed the ring. Moose took them down with several moves. Then a smaller MMA guy tried to escape the cage and Moose hit a super sky high from halfway up the cage. Moose sent King Mo to the outside. He had him against the guard rail and he charged but Dan Lambert pulled him out of the way. He threw Mo into the ring and got in and locked the cage door with Moose on the outside. All of American Top Team was in there with with Bonnar all alone. He fought most of them off but they eventually got the best of him. Moose climbed up the cage and hit and flying body press off the cage onto Lashley and one of the MMA guys. Moose took everyone else out until it was just him and Lambert. He was about to choke slam Lambert but one of the MMA guys hit a back kick and Lashley hit a spear for the three count.


    Eli Drake def Johnny Impact to retain the World Title. Johnny Impact dominated a good portion of the beginning of the match. Eli finally turned the tide on the outside of the ring. It was good back and forth action throughout. At one point on the outside, Eli whipped Johnny into the guardrail but Impact did a back slide under the rail and into the crowd. It was pretty amazing. Chris Adonis got involved a few times. Drake hit some nice moves including a springboard moonsault and after an Adonis distraction, he jumped from the ring to the top rope and delivered and big superplex. Adonis threw the title belt in to Eli Drake. He tried to hit Impact with it but he ducked and delivered a kick and a shining wizard. Impact picked up the belt and laid out Chris Adonis. He hit the 5…4…3…2…1…Impact for a close 2 count. Both Drake and Impact were on the top rope and Impact hit a Spanish Fly for another close 2. Johnny Impact finally hit the Starship Pain and after a 2 count, the ref got pulled out of the ring by Alberto El Patron. Impact went for a suicide dive but Alberto moved and Johnny took out the ref. Alberto got into the ring and grabbed the belt. He laid out Eli Drake. He went out and grabbed a chair. He brought it in and hit Johnny Impact over the head with it. He looked at both men and he put Eli Drake on top of Impact. He smacked the ref around and urged him to count. The ref counted to three. Eli Drake wins as both men are unconscious. Alberto walked up the ramp and turned and posed as the crowd booed and chanted “You Suck” to close the show.

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