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Bow Wow & Jade Cargill Go Back And Forth At Each Other On Twitter



The current TBS Champion Jade Cargill is in the middle of a feud. But it’s not with an opponent wrestling fans might expect – it’s with a hip hop star.

We reported previously here on eWn that Jade and hip hop star Bow Wow had found themselves embroiled in a feud over social media. Bow Wow took to his Twitter account this morning to fire shots at the TBS Champion. Bow Wow, who has teased appearing with AEW, said:

“Yo @Jade_Cargill so you was at the same arena yesterday that im playing tonight and skipped outta town so fast. I wanted to see that slow ass kick in person. Oh im sorry.. good morning.”

Cargill shot back, writing:

“Slow?? Skipped town? You not even the main attraction of your concert. You’re sharing a lineup.”

The hip hop star got a little more pointed, saying:

“You not even a REAL champ. I got 50,000$ you wont make it to 50-0 you gone have to go have that meeting with hubby. Being you brag about his wallet and not YOURS!”

Their exchange can be seen in the tweets below:

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