Bram Gives An Indie Worker A Few Stiff Shots To The Face, Leaves His Eye Swollen


Source: Wrestling-Edge

Current GFW & former WWE talent Bram, recently appeared at Insane Championship Wrestling’s “Shug’s Hoose Part 4” event in a segment with Ravie Davie. During the segment, Bram got in a few stiff shots to Davie’s face and according to the report from Wrestling-Edge, some fans became uncomfortable and started to leave the event for that particular segment.

There was a “wedding” taking place where Ravie Davie was tying the knot with Martina & then Bram came down and interrupted. Bram destroyed the wedding scene & began to level-off on Ravie Davie which left his face looking as such:


It is also to be noted that the commentators even mentioned the domestic abuse charges that Bram has faced, so it all could have been a work as far how far Bram could go while attacking Ravie Davie.

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