​Brandi “Eden” Rhodes Posts A New Blog Showing Her & Cody Getting New Tattoos, + Backstage News


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As
seen on the website, Paul Heyman cut a promo prior to Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown
television taping in Philadelphia that ended up being posted on YouTube. The
plan right now is to keep Heyman off of television for a while. He was
reportedly not at Monday’s RAW in Brookly

While plans could change, the idea is to keep Heyman off of television for a
while, as to not call attention to the fact that WWE’s World Heavyweight
Champion is away and missing pay-per-view events.

As noted, Brock Lesnar is not scheduled to return to WWE until January.

While CM Punk is out of the wrestling industry by all accounts, that
hasn’t stopped people from trying to bring him in. As noted last night, TNA
offered CM Punk a huge money deal to come into the promotion, with an offered
salary that is said to have been similar to what Hulk Hogan was making for the
company. The deal would have also made Punk the top star in TNA on Hogan’s level
during his tenure there.

A source notes that the deal was attempted via an intermediary who
is friends with Punk, similar to how they tried to bring in Alberto Del Rio.
However, Punk turned them down and expressed absolutely no interest in returning
to wrestling in general.

It should be noted that several friends of Punk “scoffed” at the
idea Punk would ever want to return to wrestling, much less for TNA.

— WWE released a video blog of Brandi “Eden” Rhodes and her husband, Cody
Rhodes, getting their wedding bangs tattooed onto their fingers at a tattoo
parlor. You can watch the video below.

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