Brandi Rhodes Comments On Shaquille O’Neal Coming In To Wrestle For AEW, More


During the latest episode of “Oral Sessions” with Renee Paquette, Brandi Rhodes commented on Shaquille O’Neal coming to wrestle for AEW, the importance of AEW adding a third hour, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the importance of AEW adding a third hour of weekly television: “I really am looking forward to that third hour popping up. I think we really need it. Tony has been very, very forthcoming that it’s not going to be an extension of Dynamite, it’s gonna be something else. We’ve got so much talent that we just can’t get into two hours. It’s just impossible, especially now that I’m just watching the show. It’s over like that. Two hours is just gone, and you still are missing a lot of stories and things. That’s why a lot of things happen on Dark to keep things going. I think that third hour is really gonna be important, and it’s gonna really help people that casually watch or don’t watch Dark connect the dots on a lot of things.”

On AEW garnering more interest in the entertainment world: “It’s always exciting to me because I’m on the entertainment side of sports entertainment. I love when people in entertainment want to do stuff with us. I love that Snoop came in and did his little doggy splash. I loved it, and he loved it too. I’m looking forward to seeing what Shaq’s gonna do because it’s been so many years about us hearing about Shaq actually wanting to get in a ring. Is he gonna put his money where his mouth is finally? I wish that I was gonna be in that scenario, but I wouldn’t want anyone other than Red Velvet to be in there because she super deserves it.

“She’s very fun, and as people saw the other week, she’s got talent outside of just being in the ring. She can promo like the rest of them. So, I think it’s gonna be really cool to see that. And yeah, hopefully just more synergy situations continuing to happen. I think we did a good job the first couple of years here getting on the map and getting interest from different areas of people. So, even in the Warner Media family, we’re starting to have a lot of people pop up that really weren’t a few months ago and saying, ‘Hey, we want to do something with AEW.’ That’s the direction to be going in, and we’re excited about all of that stuff.”

On Shaquille O’Neal wrestling for AEW: “He dominated his sport for so long, so I can’t see him trying to phone anything in. Also, having a partner like Jade [Cargill] who is the Terminator or something, he’s gonna have to put up. He really is. He’s gonna look shameful if he doesn’t. Cody is one of the top wrestlers in the world right now, so if you’re gonna get in the ring with him……he was calling him Cupcake Cody. You can’t make Cupcake Cody make you look stupid. That would be a bad look for Shaq. I am a little worried though. I mean he is a giant.”

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