Brandi Rhodes Comments On The Future AEW Heels Events, & More


During a recent interview with WrestleJoy, Brandi Rhodes commented on the new “AEW Heels” platform, future events, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On future plans for AEW Heels: “When we’re able to get back to business as usual — which I am so hopeful happens sooner than later — I am very excited to get together and do obviously a very big, first Heels everybody-get-together type of party. Which is something that would obviously revolve around something like a PPV that happens on a weekend so that hopefully as many people can make it as possible. But not unlike a lot of things that we have done with Starrcast events in the past, I would like to do a lot of Heel-sspecific [things]. So like, Heels-specific meet and greets, VIP events, like I said, big gatherings and parties where we can have all different types of themes and just various fun aspects to that. I also would really love to do a Heels episode [of] Shot Of Brandi that we can shoot and I’ll be a part of, and have key individuals work with me on things.”

On the future of what they can do with the platform: “The opportunities are endless. A lot of stuff that we are doing virtually will translate even better in person. So we’re just hoping and waiting, and in the meantime I think everything that we have planned for the rest of the year to do virtually and via website is going to be extremely fulfilling, and a whole lot of fun, and only just amp people up for the future.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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