Brandi Rhodes Delivers the Promo of Her Life, Warns Shawn Spears (VIDEO)


In a special episode of The Road to AEW ALL OUT, Brandi Rhodes delivers an impassioned statement about the toughness of the Rhodes family via a monologue about the current rivalry between her husband, Cody and Shawn Spears.

Saying that for 13 years, Cody has had to suffer through many people trying to make excuses for why he holds the position he is in the wrestling industry and that when you accept the Rhodes name, the wolves immediately start knocking at your door.

Chastising Spears for his actions at Fyter Fest, Brandi Rhodes would go on to question whether or not The Perfect 10 has the resolve that her husband does. She would close out the magnificent promo by saying about the blood Cody spilled at Fyter Fest might as well be a mirror into Shawn Spears’ future:

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