Brandi Rhodes Responds To Criticism Over Cody’s Pride Month Shirt


We reported yesterday here on eWn that AEW EVP Cody Rhodes took to Twitter and released a new t-shirt for Pride Month. All of the proceeds will go to the National Center for Transgender Equality. When a fan criticized the move in a tweet that has now been deleted, Brandi Rhodes replied. The fan originally said,

“Why can’t it be just an AEW pride shirt? Why does your name have to be attached to it? In fact, shouldn’t it be something like a Nyla Rose or a Sonny Kiss t-shirt as they are part of the community? Sh*t, I ought to go in marketing.”

Brandi replied with the following,

“Because he’s the one person that said “I’d like to contribute and I’ll gladly put my platform up and accept $0 so someone else can profit.” At AEW anyone that wants to do a shirt for charity can. Maybe some people just don’t want to deal with stuff like this. KC didn’t this year.”

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