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NewsBrandi Rhodes Reveals How Her Life Has Changed Since Leaving Wrestling Full-Time

Brandi Rhodes Reveals How Her Life Has Changed Since Leaving Wrestling Full-Time



While Brandi Rhodes says she’s retired from professional wrestling, she does have other plans in the works including opening a yoga studio.

Speaking to Fightful for a new interview, Rhodes opined on how her life has changed since leaving wrestling full-time, her plans for a new yoga studio, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how her life has changed since leaving wrestling full-time: “I mean, motherhood has been a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotions and events and things happening, but it’s been great. You never know who that kid is going to be. They show up and then all of a sudden, they’ve got all of this personality and all these traits, and things start happening so early. Libby just turned two, but I mean, I have to say, she’s a smart, smart kid. It’s wild, I was a smart kid, but like, she’s really smart.”

On opening a yoga studio: “A lot of stuff that’s happening was not on my bingo card three years ago, for sure. People have said, ‘Where have you been? What have you been doing?’ People assume I’m traveling on the bus, I’m not. Sometimes I get to go and it’s fun, but I am fully running a business because I opened my own business. I got into the world of yoga.”

On working with DDP: “Dallas and I are collaborating on something soon, but I’m opening my own studio. I did 200 hours of yoga teacher training. I did a full training of Pilates and Pilates Reformer. So my studio is going to be the first hybrid in the Atlanta area of Pilates Reformer, yoga, all kinds of yoga. We’re doing everything from warm to not, Yin, Restorative. Never done it before? It’s going to be for you. So, it’s going to be awesome and I will be doing this training platform a la Dallas, some people will be able to do it not in Atlanta.”

On when the studio will open: “I have an address. We won’t drop the address yet, but I have an address and we’re under construction. Let’s just say fall 2023. I don’t want to jinx myself. It’s soon.”

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