Brandi Rhodes Reveals If She’ll Be Wrestling For AEW’s Women’s Division


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Chief Brand Officer (CBO) Brandi Rhodes recently spoke to Kristen Ashly of Diva-Dirt to talk about AEW. Rhodes discussed whether or not she’d be competing in AEW’s women’s division and AEW’s title scene. Check out the highlights below:

If she’ll be competing in AEW’s women’s division: “Oh yeah,” Rhodes said. “Yeah, I’ll definitely be a part of it. I think it’s funny because I think a lot of people thought the role that I was taking meant, ‘Oh, she’s leaving, she’s not going to do this.’ But no one seemed to think that about the other guys.

“I do think for myself, it’s more important to see the division thrive as a whole. … I guess, maybe that’s why I haven’t said so much stuff about continuing to compete online, just because I’m so focused on building up the division and making it as great as it can be.”

AEW’s title scene: “So, definitely out of the gate we’re going to be more traditional,” Rhodes said. “In the sense that, obviously there would be a women’s championship, there would be a men’s championship, and then a men’s tag division. But we’re open-minded. …

“I think it would be kind of overzealous to come out of the gate with so may championships and people aren’t even familiar with the talent yet. That would kind of be a lot to wrap your head around, and really get behind. Like I said, it’ll be a little more traditional to start but we’re very open-minded.”

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