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NewsBraun Strowman Comments on The Fiend, Wyatt Family, and Bray Wyatt Off-Screen

Braun Strowman Comments on The Fiend, Wyatt Family, and Bray Wyatt Off-Screen



During a media scrum which was all based around the new WWE 2K video game, Braun Strowman was allowed to give his thoughts on Bray Wyatt’s new fiend character, his time in the Wyatt family and more.

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This media scrum with Braun Strowman was captured by WWE games YouTuber, Smacktalks. You can see the video embedded above and read some of the highlights captured below:

Braun on Bray Watt’s rebirth at SummerSlam:

I was blown away by it, it was awesome. The whole presentation and everything. That’s definitely a man I look forward to either sharing or working against in the ring again one day. Bray Wyatt is on another level, especially with what he’s brought to the table with “The Fiend”. His mind is just something that no one else possesses and it’s awesome to see this character coming to life.

Braun on The Wyatt Family:

I mean that’s just one of those things, groups come and go. It’d be awesome for The Wyatt Family to come back together and you know that’s a possibility with the create your own characters, you guys can do stuff like that in this game and possibly put us back together and re-form The Wyatt Family. Have 4 on 4, 8-man tag matches and put Rowan, Harper, Braun, and Bray back together and do things like that.

Braun on the man behind Bray Wyatt the character:

I mean you look at “The Fiend” and what he’s doing and then you realize the man that’s behind it and he’s completely different and that’s one of my favorite things about this job, that we’re allowed to be something that we normally aren’t in real life.
We’re allowed to find this character inside of us, that resonates and catches on and finds a nerve with the fans and they gravitate to it and it’s like catching lightning in a bottle. When you do it right, it’s unbelievable.

(h/t: Fightful)

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