Braun Strowman: ‘I Look Forward To Possibly Having Rivalry With Bray Wyatt’


Braun Strowman recently spoke with CBS Detroit (transcript via Here are the highlights:

Who he travels with:

“I usually travel with Bray Wyatt,” said Strowman. “We’ve gone astray per se as being a team, but our friendship is gonna go down forever. Bray is a very, very close friend of mine.”

Feuding with Bray Wyatt:

“I look forward to possibly having a rivalry with him,” Strowman said. “He’s an unbelievable talent. He’s one of the best guys we have as far as speaking, in-ring ability, everything. He’s the total package, and he taught me a lot coming up with my time with the Wyatt Family, and yeah I’m sure it’ll come back one day full circle with the monster and his per se creator goes at it.”

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