UPDATE: Braun Strowman & Karen Jarrett Involved In A Incident At A Bar, Strowman Apologizes


Accoriding to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while WWE & GFW stars were in support of Jeff Hardy’s band “PeroxWhy?Gen” at their live performance party in Nashville after RAW, Karen Jarrett approached Braun Strowman & asked him for his autograph because Strowman is one of her sons’s favorite wrestlers. The word is that Strowman had no idea who Karen Jarrett was and he is usually an easy-going person. In this particular incident, Strowman was said to have been very rude to Karen Jarrett.

Jarrett “flipped out” on Braun and at one point stated that she would be telling her son’s father (who is Kurt Angle) what had happened. Strowman then apologized and reportedly begged Jarrett not to tell Angle what had happened in front of other WWE superstars. Jarrett then stated that Strowman only acted as such because she said that her sons’s father was Kurt Angle & he should have not acted like that towards any woman who asked for an autograph. Strowman then agreed & apologized.



UPDATE: PWInsider is reporting that witnesses have told them that there was a drunken conversation between two people in a bar that got loud & nothing more.

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