Braun Strowman & His Sister Backstage At WWE Event (Photo), Frankie Kazarian Talks ROH War Of The Worlds


Although “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman is currently dealing with a torn rotator-cuff, that did not phase him as he was with his sister backstage at a WWE Live event and shared a heartfelt message about his sister through Instagram.



Bleeding Cool caught up with Frankie Kazarian who is competing tonight at Ring Of Honor’s War Of The Worlds event from the Hammerstein Ballroom In NYC. The event will be available on the FITE app, it is an iPPV and there are numerous streaming services to watch it from.

Bleeding Cool & Kazarian discussed numerous topics and if you want to read the full interview click here.

Here are a few of the highlights from Bleeding Cool’s interview with Frankie Kazarian:

Performing At The Hammerstein Ballroom:

“Hammerstein’s one of those buildings that I think if you’re a professional wrestler should be on your bucket list. It’s a different vibe, very very cool. The New York crowd is always very rowdy, very loud, very rowdy. The atmosphere inside the building is really cool and unique. I can imagine doing anything in there, whether you’re playing a concert, a rock show or any type of event in that building is just different. This kind of stands out, wrestling, there’s a rich history of wrestling in that building. To continue that with Ring of Honor returning there.”

“It’s its own unique beast, it’s its own entity, much like the way ECW arena is. The buildings are similar in that they house and have housed some incredible pro wrestling shows. They stand out for different reasons. It’s definitely up there, same with Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan. Another small intimate venue, but with its own very unique and very cool vibe. It’s definitely up there. I think it’s definitely on one of those top 10 venues that you want to wrestle at. You include Chicago and Madison Square Garden and various places like that.”

How Kazarian Is Preparing For His Match Tonight:

“You kind of throw tradition out the window. I’m not looking to do any top wrist locks, or go behinds, or headlock takeovers. It’s going to be a fight, it’s going to be a lot of punching, kicking, scratching, biting, clawing. I don’t know if the ring will be able to contain both of us, so you kind of have to unlearn what you know and throw traditional professional wrestling stuff out the rule book. Prepare to get your ass kicked and to kick someone’s ass. It’s a different mindset to put yourself in, but what that I’ve taken before many times as a matter of fact, you just leave it all there. I mean I leave it all out there every time I go out there, but, this is a different type of physicality this time.”

His Short 2005 WWE Run:

“I don’t regret anything, I was there, I was employed for close to a year. I have no regrets, life’s too short. It didn’t work out for various reasons and I’m responsible for 99.9% of those reasons. I just wasn’t ready personally and professionally to be there. I wasn’t ready to treat the industry like a business. It was still my fun pro wrestling that I like to do and I could do my way. I’m very thick headed and very rebellious and things weren’t going my way and I decided that it wasn’t the place for me. Not any fault of theirs, they’re obviously the biggest dog in the yard and they always have been and always will be and are going to continue producing wrestling and doing a great job at it, I regret nothing.”


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