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Bray Wyatt and JoJo Welcome Their New Son to the World

It appears the Firefly Fun House has a new resident as Bray Wyatt and JoJo have announced the birth of their new baby boy on social media. The baby’s name is Knash Sixx Rotunda:

Bray posted a very vulnerable and heartfelt post about dealing with mental illness on Instagram following his son’s birth:

“This won’t be some BS motivational message, I don’t believe in that. Words are just words unless you can feel them and I feel these. I lost myself a couple years ago, I never wanted to hurt but I quit on myself. I felt like I wanted to cease completely. Until I realized that mental illness isn’t a weakness it’s a superpower. I am clear now, focused, and ready to be something great. I’m done trying to dumb myself down to people that think I’m “crazy”, and do whatever it takes to repay all the people that Love me and make me feel “normal “. This is for you, everything from now on is for you. To everyone in the way: I wish you good luck when my mind is firing on all cylinders I am the best at what I do. I have never been better than I am right now. And I only care for those who were helped dig me out of the dirt. Run.
I love you JoJo, Mom, Cadyn, Kendyl, Knash. Ever after is because of you.”

Congratulations to the very happy couple.

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