Bray Wyatt Calls Out Netflix & “The Witcher”, WWE Hypes Christian/Edge Reunion on RAW


Bray Wyatt tweeted the following, noting that he wants to be on the cast of The Witcher. Pixoloid Studios created some detailed concept designs for the Netflix series, including developing designs for the different humanoid species that populate the world of The Witcher. It appears one take on the warriors for the dwarf race heavily borrowed or was inspired by the likeness of Bray Wyatt before he became his latest iteration in the Firefly FunHouse.

“Dear @witchernetflix, if you need someone to play this role specifically I know a guy who could pull it off. PS. It’s me. Quite literally. PPS. You should know that I’m far more handsome now. OK. BYE. LOVE YOU”


We previously reported here on eWn that Christian will be appearing on Monday’s RAW. He’ll be hosting a “Peep Show” segment with Edge to discuss Edge’s upcoming match with Randy Orton at Backlash. WWE posted the following video, hyping the reunion of Edge and Christian:

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