Bray Wyatt’s Cryptic Tweet, Manu Praises Reigns’ Debut, More


— Bray Wyatt (the former Husky Harris), who is recovering from torn pectoral muscle, posted the following on Twitter yesterday…

“2 months #Raw”

— Former WWE performer Manu posted the following on Twitter, following the WWE debut of his cousin Roman Reigns…

“My Partner in crime growing up. My cousin Roman Reigns debuted last night. #Proud #ImTheOnlyOneMissingNow #SeeYaSoon #TryNstopMe.”

— CHIKARA will return to iPPV on December 2nd for their Under the Hood season finale. You can watch it live on IPPV via for only $16.99. Here is the updated card…

* For the Young Lions Cup: ACH vs. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti ©

* Wigner Earns Third Point Towards Tag Title Shot: 3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott “Jagged” Parker) vs. F.I.S.T. (Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor)

* The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare), Crossbones and ??? vs. The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald), Ophidian and Delirious

* For The CHIKARA Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston © vs. Tm Donst

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