​Bray Wyatt Speaks Out On WrestleMania, Saturday’s Roadblock Match With Brock Lesnar & More


During a recent interview with The Philly Voice, Bray Wyatt discussed Saturday night’s WWE Roadblock special, WrestleMania and more. Here are some highlights:

On his favorite Philadelphia wrestling memory: “Definitely that Raw we did last time we were there with the ECW Originals, man. The place just became unglued. I remember just on a whim standing up and looking at the people of Philadelphia and kind of declaring this is my city now. I felt very proud in that moment and everyone involved I’m sure did, you know all four of us, for sure. If you saw yourself doing that as a child, you’d be very excited about your future as an adult. If I could look back when I was young and I was told I would be doing something like that in Philadelphia, you know it’d be a very proud time for me and it was.”

On facing Brock Lesnar at Roadblock: “I’ve never faced Brock Lesnar before. One of the few I haven’t danced with yet, and I’m looking very much forward to it. Each individual you go into battle with, you have to handle them in a precise manner. And I’ve faced The Undertaker, John Cena and Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar is different than them all. Brock Lesnar is the Beast. Even though I haven’t competed against him in just one-on-one circumstances, I’ve been in there with him, so I know exactly what he’s capable of. We’re talking about a very dangerous individual. But, on the flip side of that, I like to believe I’m a dangerous individual, too. I’m someone that he wouldn’t see on a daily basis because I’ve got some things that come out of my brain that no one else does. So I think that me and Brock is a very big matchup and if I do get this win, if I do go in there and beat Brock Lesnar right before WrestleMania, I think that would do wonders for my career. So, it’s a big moment for me and I’m ready.”

On the Wyatt Family’s breakup last year: “We were at a place in time where we needed to see what we all could be. I felt like Harper needed to shine on his own and he did. I thought that Rowan needed to shine and he did. But, at the end of the day, it’s just a better situation when we’re together. It just feels better. It makes us stronger. It’s an all-around better feeling when we’re all involved. Not to mention we have Braun Strowman, who’s one of the most amazing physical presences we have here in WWE. We feel like it’s our time. It’s our era. And I look forward to big things this coming year, not just at WrestleMania.”

On if he’s disappointed that the match isn’t at WrestleMania: “Of course I’d rather do it at WrestleMania. Then again, you don’t know what I’m gonna do at WrestleMania. It’s still an open-ended game for me. Like I said, to beat Brock Lesnar right before WrestleMania, you should be owed some kind of spot, some kind of high place – you know, I view myself as a high place player – I’m a serious player in this game and I intend to keep that.”

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