​Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena Street Fight + A Live RAW Report


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— Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena in
a Street Fight has been announced for the June 22nd WWE event in Philadelphia,

Thanks to Tyler
England for sending in this live report from last night’s WWE RAW

The building was about 3/4 full, with half of the
upper deck curtained off. I was sitting on the main floor ringside, and a lot of
people sitting around me were very vocal so a lot of the chants were not in
unison. Triple H got a bunch of heat from my section to start the night off. The
crowd popped for the contract signing announcement.

RVD got a pop for his
entrance. Cesaro and Paul Heyman were met by more cheers than boos. A small
“King of Swing” chant got started but never spread much.

The Wyatt Family
got a tremendous reaction, and it seemed everyone was holding their cell phone
flash lights up for the entrance. However, this was a very pro John Cena crowd.
They popped big for his save. The attack on JBL looked vicious from ringside,
and the whole thing was well executed by everyone involved.

Rusev was met
by loud USA chants like always, and Big E received a nice pop for his run

Bo Dallas’s debut for raw wasn’t anything spectacular. He had hardly
any heat, and he actually had a few cheers.

Batista and Randy Orton vs.
The Rhodes Brothers was a good match. All four men worked hard and I thought it
was much needed heat on evolution for Sunday.

Daniel Bryan received a
huge ovation, and it was very hard to hear a lot of what Stephanie said due to
the crowd chants.

The Alicia Fox skit was met to mostly silence. No one
seemed to care, not even the people sitting around her ringside.

crowd was pretty hyped for Adam Rose. A lot of people were humming his entrance
music and dancing along with him, but no one really cared about the

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio was a decent match. The crowd came
alive for the bigger spots. The post match Heyman promo received moderate heat,
and the run in from Cesaro was well done.

The contract signing was the
highlight of the show. The crowd are it up and booed Evolution heavily. This was
a great way to get much needed heat on the group.

After the show, John
Cena faced Bray Wyatt in the dark match. The match was well worked and lasted
about five minutes. Cena sang “Good Ole Rocky Top” to close the show and send
the crowd home happy.

Overall, this was a decent raw to attend live. This
was my ninth live Raw and twelfth WWE event overall. The return date is November
18 for a Smackdown taping and the presage code is SMACKDOWN. Tickets are
available via knoxvilletickets.com

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