Bray Wyatt Wants Two Ex-Superstars To Return To WWE


Bray Wyatt is back with WWE, and his return to the promotion could see other ex-Superstars return.

Wyatt returned to WWE at the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, 15 months after his controversial release.


Wrestle Votes reports that Wyatt is hopeful that he will be working with former Superstars Bo Dallas and Erick Rowan again.

“There’s people that Bray likes people he wants to work with. Bo Dallas is one of them and so is Erick Rowan. If Erick wants to come back, I’m sure they’d allow that, if Bray also wanted it.”

Dallas is Wyatt’s real-life brother while Rowan worked with Bray as part of the Wyatt family.

It was reported last month at Dallas is likely to return, which some believe will be part of the rumored Wyatt-6 stable.

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