Breaking News: Bubba Leaked The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape?


Hulk Hogan just appeared on “TMZ Live” and was given the news that at the very end of his sex tape, Bubba the Love Sponge enters the room and says, “If we ever did want to retire, all we’d have to do is use this footage.” When told about this live on-air, Hogan appeared shocked and said that makes him “sick to his stomach” if true. Hulk says he’s had numerous conversations with Bubba about the tape and Bubba has denied it over and over. The two talked several days ago and Bubba once again denied he leaked it.

Hogan said he hadn’t heard the end of the tape but wanted to do so and asked TMZ to show him and his lawyer the footage. The TMZ staff danced around the question of showing him the full tape. Hulk says his friendship with Bubba is over if he finds out he’s the one who leaked it. He also said he wants Bubba or whoever did it to be put in jail. Bubba has not responded to for comment.

Again, Hogan seemed absolutely shocked to find out that Bubba may be the person who leaked it.

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Hulk Hogan’s best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge, not only secretly videotaped Hulk having sex — he bragged afterwards that the tape was a goldmine that could be the key to Bubba’s retirement.

TMZ has seen the last few minutes of Hulk’s leaked sex tape — in which he bangs Bubba’s wife Heather Clem. It’s very clear — Bubba was in on it. Moments after the deed is done and Hulk leaves, Bubba says to his wife … “If we ever did want to retire, all we’d have to do is use this footage.”

His wife shoots back, “You’d never do that.” Bubba then tries to recover, saying, “I wouldn’t do that, you’d be the biggest rat, you’d be dead.”

The revelation is interesting … considering Hulk went on the Howard Stern show TODAY and said he and Bubba are still good friends — and sounded confident Bubba was NOT the culprit.

There’s more, TMZ just broke the story … Hulk is filing a criminal police report in FL and trying to HUNT DOWN whoever leaked the tape — claiming he was filmed illegally.

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