Breaking News – “Bullet” Bob Armstrong Passes Away


Scott Armstrong tweeted the following tonight, revealing that his father, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, has passed away. He said,


Armstrong was born James Melton James in 1939 in Marietta, Georgia. Enamored with wrestling as a child after his father took him to see a wrestling show featuring Gorgeous George, James first served in the Marine Corps and was stationed in Korea before he trained to wrestle, making his debut as Bob Armstrong in 1960. He was working primarily as a firefighter while wrestling at first, though as his popularity as a babyface in Georgia grew he eventually quit his firefighting job and turned to wrestling full-time.

Armstrong competed with NWA affiliates in the southeast United States and faced Jack Brisco for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in October of 1974, though he was unsuccessful in winning the title. He would eventually start wearing a mask after he was disfigured during a bench pressing accident when the bench broke, requiring $38,000 of plastic surgery to fix. His masked persona was “The Bullet,” and he kept the name after he ditched the mask due to the surgeries being complete.

Armstrong had a host of title wins across territories including two reigns as NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion in Championship Wrestling from Florida, four NWA Columbus Heavyweight Championship reigns in Georgia Championship Wrestling, two runs with the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Championship in NWA Mid-America and many, many title runs in Southeastern Championship Wrestling. He eventually went into semi-retirement in 1988 and trained each of his sons to wrestle.

We send our sincere condolences to the entire Armstrong family.

Story developing ….. stay tuned.

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