Breaking News: Fit Finlay Returning To WWE


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Dave “Fit” Finlay has returned to WWE to act as an agent/producer. He officially starts again with the company this weekend. He will be finishing his independent commitments over the next several weeks.

Finlay was fired by WWE due to an angle at a RAW house show upsetting the United States Army National Guard, which is a major sponsor of WWE programming. The RAW shows had opened with The Miz coming out and cutting a promo before having his main event match with Randy Orton as the opener. The match would then end with CM Punk running in, leading to the anonymous RAW general manager making a Miz/Punk vs Orton/John Cena tag match for the new main event after polling the fans. On a show in Champaign, Illinois, for whatever reason, Miz interrupted a recording of “Star-Spangled Banner,” the US national anthem. Representatives of the National Guard were angry at WWE for using this type of cheap heat, so since Finlay was the producer in charge of the show and presumably made the call, he had to be fired to appease them.

More as we get it but he’s expected to be backstage at WrestleMania and this week’s RAW and SmackDown TV tapings.

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