Breaking News: Hardcore Roadtrip Shuts Down, Claims $10,000 Debt


Following the disappearance of promoter Mark Livingston and his
wife from this past weekend’s Hardcore Roadtrip shows, the status of the
promotion has been in question. As reported, several wrestlers were shorted in
pay and left without travel arrangements and the promotion’s Facebook page was
deleted as well.

For those wondering if the promotion is now dead, the answer is
finally here. The promotion’s website issued a statement revealing that it is
$10,000 in debt and is closing down. The full statement is below:

This past weekend (HRT) Hardcore Roadtrip ran shows in
London, ON Canada and took a huge financial lost that left the promotion with a
debt upwards of $10,000 Dollars.

We will no longer be running May 31st in London and June 1st in
Toronto as the promotion has ceased operations. Refunds for these events are
available through point of purchase.

Everyone that is owed money will get there money it’s just a
matter of when. Once everyone has been paid off the promotion will remain
closed! Thanks to the fans for the support over the last year and a

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