Breaking News: Linda McMahon Loses Senate Race


Democrat Chris Murphy has defeated Linda McMahon, winning the race for Senator in the State of Connecticut. FOX Business News projects that Democrat Chris Murphy has defeated Linda McMahon in their Senate race in Connecticut. NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN have all confirmed she’s lost as well.

The loss marks the second straight loss for Linda McMahon, who has now spent over $80 million dollars on a pair of failed bids to become Senator. Some say she’s spent well over $100 million dollars. Linda alongside Vince, Stephanie and Triple H will concede and give a speech later tonight. Vince McMahon is obviously not going to be a happy camper tonight!

Before everyone starts in with the “PG era is over!” comments (and you know they will!), it should be noted that Linda McMahon’s senate campaign has very little to do with the current PG rating. It is well known that the main reason behind the “PG” rating has to do with sponsors and advertisers. Also, you can still put on a great product with a “PG” rating as long as the creative writing is good. Simply put, that’s WWE’s main problem these days – creative.

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