Breaking News – Scott Armstrong Gone From WWE


UPDATE: According to a report from Sean Ross Sapp, Scott Armstrong has been released from WWE.

On April 15, 2020, Armstrong was furloughed from WWE along with several other producers due to the COVID-19 cutbacks, but he returned on October 4.


It should be noted that these are shocking cuts as these are the guys who produced and wrote the weekly WWE NXT 2.0 shows. All of the cuts today are on the management side but it’s possible we’ll see talent cuts coming at some point as well.

ORIGINAL: We now have some additional names that have been released from WWE.

William Regal, who was was their Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting, has been released.

Chris Guy (Ace Steel) has also been released. He was working as a WWE Performance Center Coach. For those unaware, he trained CM Punk and was a big producer of the matches you see on WWE NXT 2.0.

Dave Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) is another one of the names who were cut. Some of you may remember him as the manager of he Great Khali. Kapoor has previously worked as Senior Vice President of Creative for the company. He moved to Florida last year to work full-time on the NXT brand.

Long-time WWE NXT Creative Producer Ryan Katz has been released. He has been heavily involved in character development and vignettes. Katz used to teach promo classes following the passing of Dusty Rhodes.

As noted earlier, The Road Dogg is also gone from WWE. Sarah Cummins, who worked as WWE’s Senior Vice President, Consumer Products, has also been released.

There are additional names and we’ll post them here as we found out their names.

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