​Breaking News: Sting Appears On The WWE Network


Well, this is
going to get everyone talking. Sting appeared in the first part of the Ultimate
Warrior Week special that aired tonight, talking about his memories of the
Ultimate Warrior. In the interview, he talks about training with Warrior and
said that the late Hall of Famer used to put tuna fish and orange juice in a
blender and tell him that he was getting his Warrior dose of protein &
Vitamin C.

This is Sting’s
first-ever appearance for WWE in any capacity. As you likely know if you’ve been
paying attention to news, there has been a ton of speculation about Sting’s
potential WWE signing, with recent reports saying he had a contract offer but
had not signed it yet. This could indicate that he has signed, or it could
conceivably be a one-off appearance in honor of his early tag team

We reported over the weekend that Sting hadn’t signed his WWE
contract but is expected to at any point. As noted, the deal is done “in
principle” and has been for a while; it is now just a matter of pen hitting

Also and to few people’s surprise, that the belief is he will not
be wrestling on a regular basis.

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