Breaking News: WrestleCon Convention Cancelled, Being Held Liable For $100,000+ Reservation Costs


As you’d expect, WrestleCon is officially canceled after it was announced on Monday that WrestleMania 36 was moving to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando FL.

The convention also notes that they are still being held responsible for hotel reservation costs. WrestleCon claims the hotel is still holding them responsible for the costs of hotel reservations. WrestleCon posted an email from the hotel noting that they “are respectfully in disagreement with your client’s position” that their Impossibility Clause in the contract applies. The impossibility clause is a legal clause that provides insurance coverage for nonperformance of responsibilities under a contract based on a change in circumstances that makes performance not possible.

The email claims the cost due to the hotel is 80% of total revenue owed. That amounts to $114,202.

WrestleCon will be issuing refunds for Tampa in the next seven days.

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