Breaking Report – WWE Doctor Chris Amann Had A Sexual Relationship With Jillian Hall


According to a report from Deadspin, WWE doctor Chris Amann, who recently sued CM Punk and Colt Cabana for libel and slander, reportedly had a past sexual relationship with former WWE “Diva” Jillian Hall. The site reports that during the trial with Punk and Cabana, Amann’s lawyers attempted to seal documents that would have barred lawyers from bringing up his relationship with Hall during the trial. The motion is sealed, but public documents at Cook County Clerk’s Office revealed that Amann’s team filed the motion.

In addition to that, Jillian Hall has confirmed to Deadspin that she was involved in a relationship with Amann while both of them were employed by WWE. At the time Jillian Hall was in the company, Amann was the sole doctor for the RAW brand. Amann dating Hall while he was treating her at the same time is considered a code of ethics violation. Amann and his lawyers have yet to respond to the report.

Hall gave Deadspin permission to use her name in their story and confirmed that she had a romantic relationship with Amann while he was the traveling doctor overseeing WWE’s RAW brand, which she was part of at the time of their relationship. It should be noted that Jillian Hall had no direct involvement with the Amann vs. Punk/Cabana trial.

NYU medical ethics professor Arthur Caplan told Deadspin the following regarding such a relationship between a doctor and his or her patient. “It’s a huge ethics no-no. You cannot have romantic relationships with your patients. There are a number of reasons why: First, it distorts your objectivity in terms of treating them. They can bamboozle you, or you can feel like ‘I wanna please them, so I’ll give them more pain meds,’ or whatever they’re asking for. Second, they have enough problems working with wrestlers because they have what we call dual loyalties.”

WWE issued the following statement to Deadspin: “We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted.”

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