Breaking Update: Jerry Lawler Collapses On RAW


As noted earlier here on the website, Jerry Lawler collapsed while doing commentary at RAW.

We’re told Lawler collapsed and fell out of his chair to the floor following a tag-team match he was involved in on RAW. Paramedics immediately rushed out and took him to the back. He appeared unconscious as they carried him to the back. Several people in attendance saw him hunched over and convulsing in his seat before he collapsed. Once they got him backstage, they performed CPR. Lawler had what appeared like a seizure. The crew was cleaning the floor as he may have vomited after falling out of his chair.

According to sources, backstage during the commercial break, people were “running all over the place seemingly not knowing what to do.” There were numerous people crying as well. There was also discussion of scrapping the show but they wound up finishing things up without a commentary team.

UPDATE: Michael Cole returned to commentary and said that Jerry Lawler passed out at ringside and collapsed. Cole said that Lawler has been taken to a local hospital and is receiving oxygen and is breathing on his own. Cole said that their prayers are with him and that out of respect, there will be no further commentary for the show.

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